La Perouge de Toile

A new business was being launched that sells kitchen towels with beautiful inspiring images.

eCommerce with WooCommerce, March 2015

In March 2015 a new website was completed using WooCommerce. This has the advantage where you can copy the product page template to the themes folder, and change it how you like. And WooCommerce updates won’t overwrite your changes.

Tea Towels

Part of the range I really liked were the tea towels, each a high quality towel with a lovely food or home themed image printed on it. They make excellent gifts and instead of getting money for some of the website work I took it in towels.

Tea Towel with a beer keg theme.
Tea Towel with a beer keg theme.

Bar Mats

Introducing the bars mats was the initial driver for redoing the website. These are rubber backed and probably use the same technique (and factory) to print alcohol related images onto them.

Rubber backed bar mat.

Website First Version

More changes and more products

September 2016 I was approached to update the website to a totally new design to sell printed bar mats, a new product. Before it was done the owner asked me to give her daughter in law some tuition on how to use WordPress. The new website was done by the owner’s daughter in law using a completely different theme. It was still hosted by Rinet IT.

In October 2017 the website was moved to Wix where you pay monthly fees. The website seems to be getting updates as there are even more baby clothes. Gone are the bar mats and hand towels.

In places it’s a bit incomplete, the slide show is missing images and the blog looks incomplete; the perils of clients doing website work themselves.

The website is at

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